Zoho Sign for Expedited Business Processes

One of the many benefits of living and operating in our digital world is the speed at which we’re able to arrive at deadlines – our advanced technology has certainly propelled us into the fastest we’ve ever gone for productivity and project completion. This speed and capability allow your business to see returns on investment with higher efficiency so you can also generate greater customer and client satisfaction.

With these advancements, however, competition also increases. With the help of cloud technology and overall more significant adaptation to technology, the productivity software marketplace has become more competitive, offering more options for your business. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to discern what is best for your company.

Electronic document signing has quickly grown into a widely used tool for the progression of business processes. As we quickly migrate from printed documents and snail mail delivery, more and more companies are using this tool to help expedite the documentation processes. Not only do these systems offer reduced time spent, but it also keeps important data secure with encrypted measures that maintain the highest levels of security. As more businesses utilize this product, it becomes abundantly clear that electronic document signage tools are here to stay.

Zoho Sign for Expedited Business Processes

While many electronic signature products are in market, we’ll be looking at two in particular that are well-known and widely used all over the world. DocuSign and Zoho Sign are both highly reviewed and successful products, but we’ll be highlighting a few advantages of using Zoho Sign over DocuSign below.

  • Competitive pricing to fit your business scale

When deciding on any kind of product software for your company, it’s crucial to consider your current size and your growth model to determine how the use case and scale at which you foresee using the product. Whether your company is just starting out or is relatively established, both DocuSign and Zoho Sign offer scaled packages that can accommodate the size of your business. With Zoho Sign, however, there’s more flexibility with the cost of packages, which can be helpful for your bottom line, especially if your business is small or just starting out. You can expand to bigger packages as your company grows, and even with that growth, Zoho Sign is more economically sound for your business at every stage. Bonus: depending on the cost structure that you select, if you have unused credits with Zoho Sign at the end of the month, Zoho allows you to roll them over into the next, saving you time and investment in the long run.

  • Intuitive and easy onboarding process

Any time there’s a new product to integrate within your teams, you must consider the amount of time it requires to get your teams and clients onboarded and transitioned. There must be an adjustment period for everyone to become acquainted with the platform and to thoroughly understand all of the features. While both products aim for ease of use, Zoho Sign outperforms DocuSign when it comes to establishing the platform into your company’s structure and processes. Zoho Sign has proven its ease of use for your departments as well as for your administrative team so that there’s little adjustment and learning period required. Not only will this save time overall, but your customers and clients will appreciate a smooth transition into the upgrade, helping enhance customer loyalty.

  • Customize your branding experience

While there are certain things that come with standard practices, almost everything these days can be customized to fit your brand identity. This is especially crucial as our digital landscape overall becomes more competitive. While both platforms offer the opportunity to customize your documentation, Zoho Sign out delivers what DocuSign can provide. With custom elements that can be integrated in your materials, you can ensure that everything that your customers and clients engage with leaves your brand’s mark with them. Make the experience memorable as it fits your brand identity so that they can come back with positive experience memories.

It’s likely that you probably already use some kind of CRM platform to help you manage and operate your business in our digital-forward world. While both electronic signature platforms communicate with its parent CRM platform, Zoho Sign has the ability to sync with your Zoho CRM so that other teams can learn of a received signature as it relates to processes that are in place. This will help save time, remove overlapped or repetitive communication, and deliver on project completion faster and more efficiently. Zoho Sign can also integrate with other apps woven into your Zoho CRM so you can streamline and expedite your processes even more.

  • Overall stronger feature capability

While electronically signing documents sounds pretty standard and straightforward, there are some additional features that Zoho Sign can offer that DocuSign cannot. With Zoho Sign, you’ll be able to release important documents to multiple recipients at once, which comes in handy if you require multiple signatures for one document. Your teams will also be able to monitor the progress of the document to understand delay, progress in delivery, or even if it’s held up with one particular signee. With other features, like authentication and notifications, you and your teams will be alerted of every step so you know what steps need to be taken next. This eliminates the need for follow-up or the hassle of tracking information down. Zoho Sign also enables you to use multiple language settings, which can be incredibly helpful if you’re operating in multiple areas throughout the world, removing the additional need for translation or version control.

Your business has tons of options in our day and age when it comes to gathering signatures. As we continue to migrate further into electronic and digital systems, it’s imperative that your company has a tool that can obtain signatures for you digitally, removing the hassle of hard copy distribution. While you have many choices in the market, Zoho Sign is the best solution for your company, both for your customers and clients as well as your internal teams.

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