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5 Reasons to Switch from Salesforce to Zoho CRM

Managing your company’s productivity can be difficult, as there are so many moving parts to consider both internally and externally. Luckily, in today’s advanced technological world, there are so many products available that can help streamline all the projects without losing personal touch with your clients. As more and more platforms enter the competitive space, it can be difficult to understand the benefits of each one and which is the best choice for your company.

If you’re currently using Salesforce as your project management software, you may be considering a migration to a different platform due to all the new players in the space as well as additional capabilities and features that could be a better match for your company. As the Zoho CRM platform continues to advance and reach higher usage rates, there are strong reasons to consider a switch from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.

Better AI features

In today’s world of instant communication and immediate answers, you need a CRM platform that can match this speed of information. As technology continues to advance and improve, it’s imperative that your CRM’s features keep up and help your teams stay informed and up-to-speed. Keeping up with this constant transformation can mean the difference of a prospect to a client, and missing out on that lead can result in lots of missed opportunities.

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Zoho CRM offers an impressive portfolio of inbuilt AI, no matter the package that you choose for your company. With features that include lead and deal prediction as well as analytics, your sales team can easily and quickly follow marketplace behaviors and better and more thoroughly understand the trends amidst your competitors and prospective clients. Advanced communication tools are also offered so that your internal and external communication strategies are innovative and immediate, resulting in fewer missed connections. Additionally, one of Zoho CRM’s core skills is automation, and having this integration available frees up time, energy, and mistakes from your hardworking teams. Either these features are simply not offered with Salesforce, or they’re only available with additional costs.

G Suite and Office 365 integration

It seems that more companies are migrating towards G Suite to manage their internal business and storage, as the platform offers universal features that allow all internal teams to cohesively and efficiently communicate, organize, and store all their information. Not only does Zoho CRM offer this integration with all of their paid editions, but they also offer Office 365 integration. As practically every company in every discipline uses these productivity tools on a regular basis, this ability also means that your teams won’t have to learn new products to continue doing their tasks.

Salesforce does indeed offer these integrations, but they come with additional costs and requires third-party connectors. This defeats the whole purpose of productivity and a seamless process in getting work done, and additionally, with the extra cost, you’d be throwing money away on a service that should come pretty standard with any CRM software platform.

Unlimited data storage

As we continue to move into the digital age and we rely more and more on our technology to maintain and grow our business, it’s crucial to pay note to how much data we need and use and how that influences our storage of that data. Since your company will have anywhere between dozens to hundreds to maybe even thousands of people using this CRM software, you’ll need to be aware of how much data storage you require. One of the winning features of Zoho CRM is that it offers unlimited data storage per user from the professional edition and up. This is a very powerful feature to have, especially as your company grows and evolves.

A huge weakness for Salesforce is that it only offers limited data storage per user across all their edition packages. This could have a major effect on your productivity, as you may encounter a data storage problem, which could severely impact your business operations or your sales strategy in the marketplace.

Social media capabilities

Creating your brand’s presence in the social media atmosphere should no longer feel foreign or intimidating. In a world in which every company now has a social media presence, it’s crucial to understand this changing landscape and recognize everything you must do as a company to keep up, stay relevant, and know your company’s differentiators within your industry. Zoho CRM offers a social media tab so that your internal teams can be in connection with your social strategies and learn from others all at the same time.

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Salesforce does in fact has this capability, but again, it costs extra and requires third-party connectors, further separating your company from advanced productivity and awareness. Missing this feature in today’s world is a huge miss for Salesforce and further proves that Zoho CRM is more in-the-know about the current landscape of content consumption and the way in which your brand’s users are interacting with your message.

Major savings

Lastly, with any company, generating revenue is a literal goal, as without it, you simply could not operate. And of course, ensuring that the revenue pulled in contributes to a profit is a general strategy for a company’s growth. As spending is of course a necessity to make a business successful in the long-run, you also want to make sure that what you’re spending matches the quality of service you’re receiving – and not overspending.

It’s worth noting that in addition to all the benefits that Zoho CRM can offer that Salesforce cannot, Zoho CRM is a huge savings benefit. To look at what Salesforce costs in comparison to Zoho CRM, it’s important to notice that Zoho can save you anywhere of 67% to 77%, depending on the package that you require. This kind of savings can translate into investment of better equipment, the hiring of more personnel, or even the advancement in advertising. Any way you look at, Zoho CRM will provide you better bang for your buck.

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