Customize your Zoho CRM

4 Ways of Customizing Your Zoho CRM

Any business, large or small, needs a software program that streamlines all aspects of its development and growth. Zoho One is a CRM system that helps drive sales, implements marketing strategies, manages accounting processes, integrates communication between departments, and satisfies all other external elements of client relationship development. With technology on our side, Zoho One can customize the CRM module so that it satisfies your business’s plan.

It’s inevitable to feel perhaps overwhelmed or unsure as to how to select a proper CRM software that will serve your company the best, as so much of any business model is reliant on these software systems. With each one promising wide ranges of possibilities, results, and benefits, it can be easy to feel unsure or lost. With this article, however, I aim to present why Zoho One CRM will meet and deliver your expectations, and how it can also exceed and help grow your business.

Zoho CRM has tremendous partnerships with other digital-based companies that will help you integrate and design your workflow to better suit your team’s needs. With all of Zoho’s platform partners, your developer will help you customize your Zoho CRM package so that you will have the most personalized provider for all of your business needs. From administrative needs to sales and marketing reports, Zoho CRM partners with top third-party vendors that help bring results.

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1) Integration

In a world that is constantly connected, businesses need to do everything they can to stay up-to-date with the latest marketplace trends, and that includes integrating software developers that cater to streamlined communication and working on the go. Zoho One CRM can help deliver results for your business with over 40 online applications that provide everything you and your teams need to drive sales, extend exposure, and formulate an ideal business plan. Not only will these applications save your business time, but they’ll connect everyone together, meaning higher productivity and faster results.

Additionally, the communication features within these apps reach multichannels, allowing your team members to be in-the-know at all times. From email to telephone and live chat to social media updates, Zoho connects your internal team’s communication to ensure better external client relationships. As you customize your module, you can also update and expedite your external communication with social media capabilities, email marketing, and even market research options that will drive immediate consumer feedback.

Some of the applications available via Zoho CRM also assist in calculating sales commissions, monitoring prospects, managing expenses (think QuickBooks), storing marketing and sales materials within Cloud-based drives, and even assisting in event planning and production. With all of these third-party extensions available for your business, you and your teammates can continue focusing on enhancing client relationships and building marketplace exposure.

As an example, Squirrel Business Hub is a community that helps business developers choose the specific Cloud-based platform that serves their needs the most efficiently. As more and more corporations are using these platforms for storage, communication, and access, the need and desire for these systems are stronger than ever. From the beginning stages of research and implementation to integration and user training, the Squirrel Business Hub is present for all steps of the process, bringing you and your time the ultimate resource: guidance.

Zoho Crm Helps You Get Business Done!

2) Automation

To help save on time and manpower, Zoho CRM can help streamline many regular efforts by automating processes that require basic setup and attention. From communication updates that include pre- and post-sale developments to setting up a billing and payment schedule, your automated Zoho CRM can implement a better marketplace strategy.

As an example, Zoho CRM can assist in implementing general practices that alleviate precious time and attention from your employees. By using the Zoho Virtual Assistant, for example, you and your employees can benefit from having the automated customer service platform to help save time and secure the best feedback from current and prospective customers. Additionally, the virtual assistant is programmed and designed to deliver immediate results upon request, similar to a common search engine. With a simple request to the virtual bot, it will provide immediate answers in any format requested. Because the software cumulates all of this information from the internal applications that have been installed, the information is easily transferred in the most up-to-date fashion.

Zoho Crm Can Help

An example of Zia, the Digital Sales Assistant

Another benefit of this multi-platform model are the immediate analytical reports depending on your business’s goals. From charts, funnels, and targets to anomalies, KPIs, and comparative formats, you can deliver great business metrics to your clients with great accuracy and incredible turnaround.

3) Module Customization

As every business model is different and requires various avenues of process and development, Zoho CRM can create a customized module for your company and its needs. The Zoho developer will help prioritize your needs and build your program around your areas of focus as well as any areas you may feel your structure needs attention or special care. This personalization will also allow you to create and set permissions for internal personnel, preview it so you can decide what works prior to commitment, and adjust as you see fit while you and your teammates acclimate to the process.

Zoho Input Fields

The image above shows how simplistic it is for you and your Zoho CRM developer to customize your module.

Your developer will also help you determine the Zoho implementation cost, as it will vary depending on the size of your company and the integrations that you select. For additional guidance, Zoho offers CRM help and training courses and other resources for those looking for information on proper implementation. Please follow this link to access a PDF for additional help and guidance. While the mission of Zoho and its CRM is to make your business run smoothly and proficiently by making the customization simple, it’s still crucial to find a Zoho developer that will listen to your needs and aid you in creating the best module for you and the rest of your company’s needs.

4) Workflow Design

Once you’ve created a Zoho CRM blueprint for you and your growing business, it’s a job for you and your developer to figure out the best way to design your workflow within the software. Because the main idea of implementing the software is to help streamline your business’s processes, you’ll want to ensure that it does precisely what you need it to do, which is why this step may be the most crucial when it comes to creating its rules and backbone.

First, you must create the basic details for each rule or demand of the workflow, which includes the record type, rule name, and description. Once this has been created, you then must specify when that rule should be applied and based on what – this can be based on the record’s action, a date field’s value, or on the record’s score and whether it’s been increased, decreased, or simply updated. Once this backbone is established, you can then enhance each step of the workflow process by creating several conditions for each step and inserting additional records and actions.

The system is designed to be user-friendly, and it is set up to make the CRM implementation painless, but it’s still crucial to go through each step in a detailed manner. This is where it is again highly recommended that you use your developer’s help or reach out for a Zoho certified solution provider’s help to ensure proper establishment and the best results.

Creating Automation Rules Is Easy In Zoho Crm

As you continue to update the software to mirror your business plan, you’ll want to pay attention to other conditions within your workflow. Again, it’s a suggested practice to find a reliable developer to help you find the best rhythm in setting this up to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Zoho CRM and Other CRMs

One of the advantages of using Zoho CRM vs. any other CRM software is its QuickBooks integration. As any business is reliant on the proper transfer and documentation of financial development, QuickBooks is arguably the most important application a software can hold. ZBrains, a division of Zoho One that is devoted to helping people implement and work with Zoho CRM, took a deep-dive review regarding how the software can integrate programs in comparison to other CRM strategies. What was discovered proved that Zoho CRM is not only an ideal partner for your business, but it exemplifies how the software stands within the industry.

  1. Sales Tracking

One of the primary reasons for using Zoho CRM is to track sales and monitor the marketplace pipeline, so this is the best place to start to compare the effectiveness between other properties in the marketplace. The customizable model of tracking and documenting contacts helps record as many details as the heart desires, which only delivers better results in the end.

An additional benefit of Zoho CRM that sets itself apart from other arms is its newsfeed feature, which is indeed quite similar to the newsfeeds of social platforms. This constantly updated element will make information easy to track and search, especially in comparison to sifting through hundreds of emails. Zoho CRM also offers competitor tracking ability, sales forecast reports, and sales quota tracking so you and your sales team can stay updated and in-the-know.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

While one of the selling points of Zoho CRM is that the cost depends and varies on the size of your company and the requirements that you need to focus on, Zoho CRM competes aggressively with others in the marketplace when it comes to cost. While it offers discounted prices for the onboarding process, it tends to even out after the cost of final implementation. Knowing that the price is competitive in conversation with price per head, you and your company will feel confident that you’ll be getting a fair and customized price in the long run.

  1. Program Integration

This is another area in which Zoho CRM competes fairly with other software options in the marketplace. It offers traditional email clients as well as Cloud-based storage options with various price points, ensuring that the final result is similar to others in the market. You can feel comfortable knowing that other developers aren’t offering packages that are unavailable with Zoho CRM, and you also won’t feel that you’re paying for packages that you won’t be using. Being a fair player in this element will only make your decision easier in the long run when comparing to other software.

  1. Social Marketing Capabilities

This is a huge benefit of Zoho CRM, as others don’t even contain any of these social platform abilities. Zoho CRM offers extensive options for both Facebook and Twitter, meaning it can offer enhanced reachability beyond the company’s traditional marketing campaigns and methods. Zoho CRM’s social capabilities also include an email marketing strategy that will assist in brand recognition, research, and awareness. This alone makes Zoho CRM stand out strongly amidst the others in the marketplace, as social media continues to make stronger strides in the business model, and as future generations consume their content from these platforms, it’s crucial to consider when eyeing a CRM purchase.


Growing your business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice to see positive results. Zoho CRM will not break the bank, and it will ensure proper and appropriate integration and implementation for your business model so that you and your team can focus on their specific areas of expertise without sacrificing your company’s voice and stance in the marketplace. From Zoho’s Smart Scheduler that will help streamline calendars to Zoho’s Books Consultant that will help with the fine-toothed finances, the entire Zoho CRM suite can deliver on any need or desire your business has. With the help of third-party vendors, like Sage 50 and Google Drive, your employees will feel comfortable working with platforms with which they’re familiar, which will only reflect positively in the end results.

Zoho CRM will surely develop and enhance your company’s growth and business plan, but it will also streamline your workers’ daily enthusiasm and productivity, which again, enhances the entire model as a whole. 

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