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21 Reasons to Hire a Consultant to Customize & Integrate Zoho CRM for your Business


Usually, this is the last reason in a long list, but you know what, we are talking about real money and more importantly real time. On average, a small business owner’s time is worth $200-$300 per hour. You may not realize this, but that is how much you are worth to your business (businesses with a minimum of $750k in annual income). The loss of the business is even more significant if your company makes over $1,000,000 per year.


One of the most common reason businesses get stuck and don’t grow is distractions. Spending time thinking, or doing any work that does not bring your company money is a distraction. You are good at what you do and that is why you own a business, I am sure customizing Zoho is not something that you are good at.


It would be fine if you could actually produce a decent result. Even people who work in hi-tech companies don’t necessarily end up with good results when they attempt to customize their Zoho CRM workflow for their company.


Because you don’t have any experience with Zoho integration or any other CRM for that matter (I know, a lot of assumption here), you won’t be able to come up with the most efficient ways of integration and customization of the tool either. You end up wasting a lot of time and often end up with a more complicated process than the out-of-the-box solution.

I will continue with the other 17 reasons next week.

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Hi everyone, this is an update to the 21 reasons you need a consultant done on May 5th, 2018


This may not seem like a business reason, but, you’d be surprised to know that unnecessary stress is one of the most common reasons for reduced productivity. When you are frustrated with an inefficient process, your stress level goes up. Higher stress level slows you down, interfere with your focus and costs you money. Besides, you just don’t enjoy work as much!


A none-optimized process is an excuse everyone uses to justify errors and mistakes. I can promise you even you use it to explain why you missed something, or just skipped a tedious process that could be much more streamlined.


An efficient workflow means more time to make phone calls. Your Sales will appreciate the easier process and will be happier, more energetic and appreciative of the custom CRM you delivered to them.


I like to do something different this time around. I like to find the other reasons from real life experiences you have had. If you like to help others in your position, please share your opinion. I have removed the comment section (sorry spammers!), and accept feedback via email. Please email me your opinion at I will review, get rid of spam and add your input here.

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Sean Ryan is a serial entrepreneur living in Irvine, CA. He writes about business tools and programs as well as online marketing and WordPress as a non-trained user.

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