Zoho CRM Design & Customization

Automate Your Business Processes

Model your business processes

into the right Zoho CRM modules . . . make them automated!



  • Basic Setup
  • Admin Training
  • 5 days to complete
  • Support



  •  Advanced Setup
  • Admin & End User Training
  • 10 days to complete
  • Support



  •  Custom Setup, Workflow
  • Reports, Training
  • Best Practices & Full Implementation
  • 15 days to complete
  • Support

What our Clients say

Zoho Design & Customization

Automate sales tasks , improve workflow, focus on creating and capturing deals and achieve your business objectives.

Zoho Modules Data Flow Diagram Design

Using the right modules to fit your business model is the single most important part of a Zoho architecture and implementation.

Salesforce To Zoho Migration

Use our seamless migration service to migrate you data and configurations from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.

Zoho 3rd Party API integrations

Let’s put Zoho in center to keep all your data on the cloud and we integrate Zoho with any other service that you may use.


Zoho Consulting

Zoho Customization

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, implementing software to streamline operational processes can mark the difference between a business struggling to stay afloat and one that’s flourishing. Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software exist as the most comprehensive solutions for companies in need of back-end organization, with features tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. A CRM/ERP system allows companies to centralize many key elements of their production line, building a more productive and cost-effective business model.

Zoho Data Architecture

Data Flow Design

The design of a CRM whether it is for sales automation or operational purposes starts with modeling the business processes into the right Zoho modules. A data flow diagram design will defines the relationship between different Zoho modules. At Boosted CRM, we design and implement a data flow for your business to achieve the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Once the right relationship between different tables in database is defined properly, the usage of the system will be a breeze. However, modeling data into a CRM system needs extensive amount of knowledge and experience. Proper design of a CRM system can go a long way since as you accumulate data into your CRM system, changing key factors of your CRM can affect your data analysis and reporting as well as your back office automation in a very negative way. Many companies have to abandon a bad designed CRM only because they initially neglected to spend enough time and resources in designing a comprehensive CRM system.

Zoho API Integration

Integrate Zoho with any 3rd Party Apps

Zoho API provides the opportunity to integrate the CRM not only to other Zoho products such as Forms, Survey, Books, Invoice, Subscription, Projects and etc, it also gives us the capability of talking to any other application using different programming languages. Boosted CRM experts have used Zoho API combined with PHP and HTML 5 to create interactive, responsive design in more than 50 different projects.